How to Choose the Right Pillow

As with all the nice things in life, there’s no absolute “perfect” pillow for everyone. Rather, the “perfect” pillow for you depends on your unique needs and preferences.

How Do You Choose the Right Pillow?

What’s Your Budget?

A good starting point would be to ask how much you’re willing to spend on your pillows (and other sleeping products). For example, pillows using down will always be costlier than others, especially polyester pillow types.

Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, you’ll find differences in quality, weight, and comfort among higher-end options compared to cheaper pillows. Of course, that’s not always
a given, you might find down too soft for your needs.

What Are Your Support Needs?

Are you looking for firm support? Or would you prefer to rest your head on the softest pillow available on the market? When choosing the right pillow, you need to put your comfort and support needs front and center.

You want to ensure that your pillow is allowing you to sleep soundly and with the right posture (so as to prevent long-term health issues).

Overall, you should ensure that your neck and shoulders are getting enough support from your pillow. You want to avoid twisting, crunching, or anything else that can put a strain on your neck or shoulders — you could wake up in pain, and potentially gain long-term health problems.

Speaking of health issues, also keep your allergies in mind. If you’re sensitive to certain odours, then a wool or cotton pillow might be the way forward since they’re not susceptible to mold.

Do You Prefer Cool or Warm Sleeping Environments?

Finally, you should put thought into whether you want a pillow that retains heat really well, or a pillow that keeps your head cool. If you’re in a cold area, you might want a pillow that does well in retaining your body heat, like polyester. However, you might prefer a cool sleep environment, so a pillow that gets warm too quickly could cause discomfort.