A Simple Guide to Buying a Best Road Bike Under 1500

When buying your first road bike, reading through various reviews is helpful, but sometimes the information can be overwhelming. To make a decision that you will not regret, you need to know the kind of bikes you should expect to see in your budget range. Ultimately, the decision of the road bike you buy is yours, but I have seen many first time buyers try to find the best road bike under 1500.

While pricing must be a consideration when choosing which bike to take home, it should not be the only consideration. You should make sure that the bike you buy will make riding a pleasurable experience for you. It would also help to get a road bike that is the most technologically advanced at your price.

Why you are buying a road bike

You need to ask yourself why you want to buy a road bike. The clearer your objective is, the more probable it is that you will buy a bike that will be a perfect fit for you. Consider your everyday uses when answering this question. Do you want a bike only for riding to work or might you join a racing competition sometime in the near future? Bikes are not an everyday purchase. You should therefore buy a bike that can grow with you into the direction of your interests.

Your budget

If you have less than $1000 set aside to buy the road bike, you will likely have to buy a bike whose frame is made of aluminum. If your budget is $1500, then you may find a bike with a full-carbon frame. The advantage of this over an aluminum one is that the carbon-frame bike is generally more responsive and lighter. If you have over $2500 set aside to buy the bike, then you should go for the most comfortable and performance enhanced carbon-frame bike you can find.